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About Us

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We are two sisters born in Spain but citizens of the World, to which our commitment to Life has made us embark on this exciting project that has filled and is filling our lives with a more transcendent and profound meaning and that through EasyBirth we intend to spread and share with all those who resonate with it ...

From the world and for the world ... with the heart

Carmen González-Cebrián
Certified HypnoBirthing -The Mongan Method Practitioner 

Manchester 2015 

Emily González-Cebrián
Certified HypnoBirthing -The Mongan Method Practitioner 

Manchester 2018


Hi, I'm Carmen, the mother of three children, the eldest is 8 years old, my second is 6 and the youngest 3 years old. I have been living in Portugal for 8 years now, before that, I lived in London for 5 years for professional reasons, and that's where my husband and I got pregnant and had our first baby and so I started my journey in the world of birth ... From the first moment it aroused in me an enormous desire to know and discover the magic in the whole process of bringing new life into the world. A part of me was frightened by the idea of ​​the birth I still had, by the many stories heard, the images of the movies, etc. The other part believed that there must be another way, that the arrival of a baby in the world should be happy and magical for parents and baby ... One thing was very true for me: babies perceive and feel everything their mother experiences while they are in the uterus and the months after birth, so I would do everything possible for my baby to see, to hear and to feel how happy I was to receive her for the first time in my arms, and thus to make her arrival into the world a smooth and pleasant transition. Curiously, the searcher finds and the information comes to us through many different and unespected routes. A few weeks before my daughter's birth, a friend told me about HypnoBirthing, The Mongan Method. Everything she said made sense to me, that's what I was looking for! HypnoBirthing gave me the confidence, calm and tools to live the birth experience in a very positive and satisfying way. We had the birth we wanted for me and my daughter. Transformed and very grateful for the experience, I decided to qualify myself as an HypnoBirthing Practitioner so that I could offer to many other parents this new perspective of birth through such a simple, complete and effective method.


I'm Emily, a dreamer, corageous, entrepreneurial and a human! Yes, human, because it has always awakened a special interest in me that area of ​​our being that makes us different and special, that magic combination between mind-heart-being.
I firmly believe that it is precisely by understanding our humanity that we can grow and experience true happiness.
My life journey is long and mostly varied, I was born in La Coruña and raised in Málaga but my adventurous spirit and my desire to know more has taken me to travel around the world and to live in several cities such as Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Rio de Janeiro etc. But all that traveling in the outside has always been accompanied by a deep inner search and continuous work to overcome my own limits and fears, to be more and more free.
Today I understand that an important part of our life experience is determined by inprints that we have mentally and emotionally and that have their origin in experiences of our uterine life and early childhood. These memories, many unconscious, condition our vision of the world, our confidence and our fears.
That is why today I am aware of the importance of taking care of mothers, in their most human sphere, during pregnancy and childbirth, and teaching them how they, in turn, can take better care of themselves in order to be able to take better care of their babies. In this way, we are contributing to "changing the world, one baby at a time", bringing to the world healthier, more confident and happier babies ...

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